The Vida Cayo brand was created in 2015 based on the belief that the Bahamian culture offers inspiration which can lead to exciting ideas that, if executed, will showcase the broad appeal of The Bahamas.

Our focus is to harness the inspiration that presents itself throughout the everyday life of Bahamians. By doing this, we not only highlight the sun, sand, and sea lifestyle envied across the globe, but also the rich culture and captivating history that is perhaps less popular, but every bit as integral in making The Bahamas the treasure that it is. With these elements as the foundation for our brand, Vida Cayo effortlessly incorporates these ingredients into functional, fashionable, and fun beachwear and accessories. The result is a lifestyle brand that can be enjoyed by locals, visitors, and those who admire from afar.

We are an inclusive brand, perfect for the most seasoned beach goer to the most novice sand castle maker, fishermen to surfers, tanners, and shade chasers alike.

Our Name  

The Bahamas is the site of Columbus’ first landfall in the New World. At that time, the islands were inhabited by the Taíno people.   During the naming process, we looked to the Taíno language for inspiration given its historic significance to The Bahamas and Caribbean. As the Brand’s focus is on beachwear and accessories, characteristic of island living, we saw it fitting to capture the essence of what the brand would come to be known for when choosing a name.

The Taíno word for island, cairi, became cayo in Spanish and cay in English. Our team decided that cayo would be a good fit and opted to pair this with vida, the Spanish word for life. The result, Vida Cayo, exemplifies the cornerstone upon which the brand is built – island life, history, and cultural influence.

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